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A Brief Discussion on the Current Situation of China’s Target Industry
By King Choice | News | Updated: 2017-08-14 17:31

Target is the material that used in coating which fulfills various functional purposes within the electronic industry, so its development mainly relies on that of the downstream application industries’, whereas new materials and microelectronics have been developing in recent years, all kinds of coating techniques have been widely used in these areas. The improvement of the high-tech industries aided in the professionalizing of the manufacture of targets. In other words, target industry is the main support in the microelectronic field.

According to the China’s Target Industry Report published by Prospect Industry Research Institute, the market scale of China’s target industry has been increasing year by year, the application spending of sputtering target in the semiconductor integrated circuit area alone has reached over a billion Chinese Yuan.

While sputtering target is an epitome of China’s target industry, with the encouragement of China’s related policies, the target industry will acquire the recognition of clients all over the world.

As of the global target market, there are over a dozen target manufactures in the US, but with the rise of electronic industries, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and many places started to build factories to manufacture thin-file sensors and other downstream products, such as LED monitors and hard disk. In regard of the high added value of target to specialized electronic materials, as well as its key position in the microelectronic, monitor and storage fields, China started to rapidly develop the target industry to fulfill the market needs of surrounding places.

The large scale of target application in the downstream industries has just began. IC manufacturers have been focusing on the invention of low resistance copper wiring technology, which will encourage the growth of copper target as well as barrier target market. In addition, with the development of storage technology, high-capacity disk has become the trend of market growth, which also benefits the target industry.

What’s more, China’s growth in LED industry is another opportunity for the ITO target which is used for NESA.