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China's Tungsten Market is Generally Improving As of July
By King Choice | News | Updated: 2017-08-14 17:18

The current domestic tungsten market as a whole slowly rising raw material tungsten concentrate supply shortage to promote the recovery of the main driving force, today 65% tungsten concentrate mainstream offer slightly raised to 8.2-8.5 million / ton, 65% white tungsten ore raised to 8.1 -8,400 / ton, 50-55% tungsten concentrate raised to 7.8-8.1 million / ton, APT manufacturers reluctant to sell more determined, the mainstream offer is also fine to 12.7-13 million / ton.

The recent domestic tungsten concentrate market due to the supply side of the need for tension, the supply of new tungsten sand supply has continued to slow, holding the general sales offer are raised, but because the individual manufacturers have not yet completed a long single delivery, Raw materials tungsten concentrate inquiry is still low, the overall market price performance is more chaotic.

It is understood that some traders in Hunan, said long-term procurement difficulties due to the supply of low-cost is difficult to buy tungsten sand, so the recent 60% of the black tungsten concentrate is not included in the tax inquiry has been basically 1.15 yuan / degree. But at the same time, some of the tungsten concentrate manufacturers in Jiangxi region said that long single delivery has not yet been completed, this month tungsten sand procurement costs still need to strictly control costs, so the current 60% black tungsten concentrate inquiry is still more than 1.12 Yuan / degree near, leading to tungsten concentrate market price gap widened, the transaction performance is more chaotic.

Therefore, the recent domestic tungsten concentrate market, the overall price is still a certain difference, the buyer's market price adjustment of different prices led to chaos in the market price, the transaction situation is more deadlocked, short-term price upward pace or subject to certain containment.